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Artwork Requirements

General File Requirements

  • Please submit artwork in CMYK colors.
  • We support files submitted in either Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator up to version CS3.  We can accept files created in Acrobat, InDesign or Quark, but doing so may incur additional processing charges.
  • Fonts used in the design should be included (both font suitcase and/or printer and screen fonts).  If we are not required to perform any type changes or typesetting on your files, it is best to convert all fonts to outlines before sending.
  • Include all relevant support files. This would include fonts, linked images, and/or high resolution scans for processing.
  • Please provide a physical color match with supporting artwork as a visual backup.
  • We can also match to coated (C), matte (M), or uncoated (U) PMS colors, so if you are looking for specific PMS colors, please include that as well.
  • In order for us to achieve the highest level of quality, please provide photographic files between 100-125 dpi at full size. While we are willing and able to work with lower-resolution files, the clarity of the image may be compromised.

Artwork Submission

Artwork may be submitted via the following methods, on Mac OS or PC platforms:

If you intend on using another system to send files, please provide us with a working link, username and password.

Design Tips

  • Please be aware that finishing elements sew lines, pole pockets, grommets, and other finishing elements may intersect or interfere with major design elements if put too close to edge, please keep this in mind when laying out graphics. If there are any questions of how the product is supposed to look when finished, please contact your sales rep and we’ll send you a template.
  • Providing a working file as well as all of the original files (illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign) and supporting files will create the greatest flexibility for us to design a banner closest to your proof (finished files should provide working file along with original/supporting files whenever possible).

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